Trend Watch: What to Wear This Festive Season

Nine days before Diwali, Karva Chauth knocks on our doors. It is one of the most important festivals for a married woman. There is nothing more simple and convenient to rely on to take your look notches higher than a resplendent dupatta. A little something for every occasion, a dupatta enhances the beauty of a traditional outfit and can also be used to give an ethnic twist to a western attire. Peek into a collection of some of the most loved and elaborate dupatta fabrics from our store.

1. Banarasi

Banarasi Fabric Dupatta

Banarasi dupattas have been ‘the big thing’ since the Mughal era. Originally woven from real gold and silver threads, Banarasi still remains a favourite among women. The elaborate work on the dupatta makes it a perfect statement piece and can amp up any outfit.

2. Chanderi

Chanderi Fabric Dupatta

There is no other hand woven fabric as sheer and lustrous as Chanderi. Their luxurious feel and shimmer is all the grace your look needs. A simple single shoulder drape is enough for to make a plush entrance.

3. Buti

Buti Fabric Dupatta

The Mughals had taste. Everything they touched became royally gorgeous. Buti was a single motif, usually inspired by nature, drawn on fabrics. It adds an old-world grace to your outfit. Buti dupattas with work over the borders or all over have been cherished for their intricacy and details.

4. Velvet

Velvet Dupatta Fabric

Apt for a rather breezy yet elaborate evening, velvet dupattas have a rich and ostentatious vibe to them. They are thick, solid and usually adorned by embellishments which give them a grand and magnificent look.

5. Zari

Zari Dupatta Fabric

Reflecting the rich culture and heritage of our country, zari is one of the oldest ‘royal’ fabrics. It is woven into fabric to create rich and intricate patterns throughout. An intricate zari dupatta exudes elegance and celebration like no other.

6. Brocade

Brocade Fabric Dupatta

An amalgam of coloured and metallic threads woven into fabrics like silk, brocade gives a lush texture to the fabric similar to ornate embroidery. Brocade makes the fabric look distinctive and heavy thus adding a bridal and festive charm to it.